Most Valuable Contributors

.NET nanoFramework recognizes the exceptional contribution from its members. This yearly program highlights people who have contributed either with code, on Discord, through documentation or conferences. The recognition is granted from the past yearly contributions by the .NET nanoFramework core team.






The contributions can be pull requests, helping people on issues, helping people on Discord, publications on, videos, participating in conferences and virtual events, bringing new features, helping in the promotion of .NET nanoFramework. The contributions are not restricted to this list.

There is not a specific number of activities to access this specific recognition. It is and will always be the appreciation of the .NET nanoFramework core team to select people who they want to recognize. The core team will of course pay specific attention to nomination and feedback from others.

The recognition will be assessed on a yearly basis and the timing will vary depending on when the individual has been first recognized.

The core team wants to recognize people as well who have been helping a lot in the past. A specific channel for discussions, early feedback exists. This Insiders channel will contain present and past most valuable contributors.