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PalThree board becomes Azure Certified Device

Today we're very proud to announce that the very 1st device running .NET nanoFramework has achieve the status of Azure Certified Device and is also certified for IoT Plug and Play! That’s the PalThree board from Orgpal. PalThree features an STM32F7, with external RAM and flash storage and packs a lot of features in a … Continue reading PalThree board becomes Azure Certified Device

Build updated to CMake Presets

Keeping a great build system for .NET nanoFramework firmware is something that is at the top of our concerns since the project foundation. One of the reasons for this is that it decreases the friction for anyone that wants to build it locally. Doesn’t matter the reason. It could be because they want to experiment … Continue reading Build updated to CMake Presets

Azure IoT OTA

Over the Air .NET nanoFramework code update using Azure IoT

Over the Air (OTA) is the equivalent of a Windows Update or package update in Windows or Linux but in the Micro Controller Unit (MCU) world. While OTA word can be used in other circumstances, it is mainly in the Internet of Things (IoT) world that the term can be found. You can as well … Continue reading Over the Air .NET nanoFramework code update using Azure IoT

Network Helper to the rescue!

Network connectivity has been given a high priority since the early days of nanoFramework. Despite of that, there is one aspect that we’ve acknowledged as needing improvements: managing network connectivity. Sometime last year, a first step was made to fix that with the release of the NetworkHelper library. For the first time ever, it was … Continue reading Network Helper to the rescue!

VS Code Extension for .NET nanoFramework

We’re just adding a brand new extension to VS Code to enjoy .NET nanoFramework on multiple platforms. When I write multiple platforms, read Windows, Linux and MacOS. .NET nanoFramework was historically only working on Windows and with Visual Studio. That was it. The key reasons were historic, coming from .NET MicroFramework, as tools were only … Continue reading VS Code Extension for .NET nanoFramework

.NET nanoFramework ❤️(automated) documentation

Developers ❤️ when documentations are available, detailed and easy to browse. In .NET nanoFramework we ❤️ developers. So we ❤️ when the documentation is the best! And we make all what we can to achieve this goal. To create a great documentation, you need to put efforts of them. There is no secret. Efforts for … Continue reading .NET nanoFramework ❤️(automated) documentation

Improved support for ESP32

Today I’m proud to announce something that was due for quite some time: ESP32 firmware for .NET nanoFramework is now building from ESP-IDF 4.3.1. Yes, that’s the latest and greatest from Espressif! A bit of history here: support for ESP32 devices was added quite sometime ago by Adrian Soundy. At that time ESP-IDF was on … Continue reading Improved support for ESP32