nanoFramework v1.0 is official!

Today we are proudly announcing the first official release of nanoFramework.

What a journey we’ve made… for over two years now a lot of code has been written, tested, and rewritten. A lot of ideas were discussed, tested, reviewed, implemented and even scraped. We won’t bother you with statistics on the number of commits or code lines as these are in plain sight within the repos. All in all, we have a lot to be proud off, including:

  • Working and usable images for 14 targets (STM32 ARM Cortex-M and ESP32 SoC).
  • A Visual Studio extension providing device management, project system and debugging capabilities.
  • NuGet packages with the various class libraries making it very easy for developers to consume and update their projects.
  • A fully automated CI and CD pipeline for all of our repositories.
  • A modular approach to our GitHub organization with a collection of 30 repositories.
  • A set of software utilities that make developers life easier.
  • A working support system based on GitHub issues.
  • A fully fledged and ever improving amount of documentation available online.
  • A friendly and thriving Discord community where developers can ask for help, assist other fellow developers, make suggestions, chime in on discussions about future developments and interact with other developers.
  • A Website, YouTube channel and Twitter account.
  • A platform hub on to showcase projects.

What exactly does this official release mean? That we are done? Not even close. We are just getting started!!

This is more like a mandatory milestone that’s kind of expected by any project in order to move forward. So this is it!

There is still a lot to come and nanoFramework is poised to grow at the same rapid pace as we have always strived for.

We are expecting that more people get to know and embrace the framework. That companies start to look at us and seriously consider nanoFramework a viable option when they are choosing a framework for their next embedded project.

There is our roadmap, or should we say, to-do list organized in our GitHub organization projects.

What is expected in terms of releases? Our current plan is to follow a continuous integration and continuous delivery strategy, meaning that you’ll see frequent releases. Not so much bound to a certain cadence but rather to usefulness and opportunity. Whenever it’s a good time to release we’ll kick another one.

Wrapping it up: it’s been fun so far and it’s our belief that nanoFramework has fulfilled (most) of the initial plan and expectations.
It would be great to see more people contributing, not only by coding but posting projects, working on examples, writing documentation, and answering questions from other developers… all that would be expected to happen in a thriving and prosperous Open Source project as we are.

nanoFramework: live long and prosper!

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