Network Helper to the rescue!

Network connectivity has been given a high priority since the early days of nanoFramework. Despite of that, there is one aspect that we’ve acknowledged as needing improvements: managing network connectivity. Sometime last year, a first step was made to fix that with the release of the NetworkHelper library. For the first time ever, it was … Continue reading Network Helper to the rescue!

Network improvements

Network connections are a key feature for use case scenarios that require… connectivity. Nothing too surprising so far, right? Because of this, being able to easily handle network connection and configurations is something that developers working on such projects value a lot. Today we would like to present some improvements that have just been added … Continue reading Network improvements

Network capabilities in nanoFramework: check!!

As they say: better late than never! This post is a belated announcement of networking capabilities being added to nanoFramework. Some of you may already have noticed that during last week networking capabilities were officially added to our development branch. With this, nanoFramework has - definitely - reached a major milestone. I’m sure we are … Continue reading Network capabilities in nanoFramework: check!!